The goal of Broken Fish Sticks is to give Islanders fans something we've never really had... a place on the web we get to be the ones who drive the conversation.


As we hopefully continue to carve out our spot in the Islanders' digital community, yes, the editorial pieces and podcasts will likely become a more important part of the experience here.


But I'm not of the opinion that Islanders fans lack access to original content and opinions. The Broken Fish Sticks Forum is the vehicle for a more inclusive dialogue on this team, and I'm handing the keys to you. I'm sure I'm not the only Islanders fan who doesn't want to be lumped in with the free-for-all, Wrestlemania-style dumpster fire that takes place on Isles Twitter. Nor do I want my opinions buried in the comments section of an article that everyone is done with by the time they reach the last word. 


There are other forums out there, but they're all part of a larger network of message boards where the Community Guidelines are shaped long before you've made your first post.


That's not what we want. 


I want the culture of Broken Fish Sticks to almost become an evolving organism, where we learn and build what we collectively want this place to be. Sure, some hard lines need to be drawn regarding certain words and certain topics, but for the most part there won't be any censorship whatsoever on what you want to talk about and how you guys decide to interact with each other.


So yeah, I had to figure out something to put here and hopefully I've done a good job of that, but really Broken Fish Sticks hasn't become anything yet. Maybe it'll be a haven for Islanders advanced metrics. Maybe it'll become Isles Twitter Part II. Maybe it'll be the place the hockey-starved Islander fan in Indianapolis goes to find the one bar the great state of Indiana that has Isles games on every night.

Again. This place is yours. Whenever you figure out what you want it to be, just let me know.

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